Distance Transmission

These treatments are all based on tuning into the persons energy and be guided to bring what the person needs in this current moment.

Always with your permission and from my heart.

In this session, we sit down on a face to face video call. I contact with your spiritual guides/ higher self/ source/ God or the name you give to the energy of all. They will show me the type of transmission you need at this present moment.

Types of transmissions:


While I scan you, I might perceive that you need certain words to reach you. In this case, I will proceed to tell you what I sense or see to bring that message through.

This usually happens through a conversation or a meditation together. Where you realize something that has been with you for years is opening up and liberated.


This is a transmission where new energy enters your field. Usually happens when you are ready to go into the next step in your life and extra energy is given to you.

Your energy levels increase and new doors open up for you.


In a cleaning transmission, I visit your energetic field and see where energy is stuck. Then I proceed to support you in liberating that energy.

This energy release allows your energy to flow again in your whole body.


This technique tends to change the physical emotions and/or mental stages through the balancing of the system.

This process can be experienced in different ways, normally with an “AHA experience or realization” as the result of a release of pain or tension or energy upgrade.

The effect can be felt in the physical, emotional or mental field. The benefit of renewed flow of energy in your body can often be followed by joy or the felling of freedom/release.

Information about the sessions

Duration session: 60 min

Video call app: Zoom

Cost: 100,- €

Cancellation policy: cancellation with in the 48h before the appointment, you get 50% back. Cancellation with in the 24h prior to the appointment, no refund.

After Kian’s session I felt relaxed and clear in my mind. He gave me some advise about my health issues (autoinmune disseas of leber) and what I needed in my life.

He also told me that somebody will come into my life. A feew weeks later, that person came and I though of him. I was amazed!

I was so thankful for his treatment and all what happened after it. I would recomend it to anyone seeking advice or with the will of chanigng their life.