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The 4 elements of fire, earth, water and air are present in us and in our everyday life. Usually one or two of these elements are predominant in us and in our life situations. Most of the time we act in our life situations from our unknown predominant element. However, this element might not be the right one to deal with a situation. Therefore, Kian has created this retreat for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of themselves and/or improving their body therapy.

This retreat will open yourself up to the 4 elements through a variety of exercises. They involve massage, conscious touch and flowing movement. Additionally, we will dance and express the elements through sound. These exercises will be supervised by Kian and his 30 years of experience with bodywork and the elements, covering the following teachings:

  • What characterizes each of the 4 elements.
  • Identify your predominant element.
  • Identify the predominant element in others.
  • How the elements interact with each other.
  • How to work with the elements in bodywork therapies.
  • Tools and exercises for each of the elements.

The week is organized to introduce each of the elements and their integration in you. Each day of the week is dedicated to a certain element:

Day 1: Opening ceremony.

Day 2: Earth, element of support and physical resistance.

Day 3: Fire, transformational force.

Day 4: Water, flowing in life.

Day 5: Air, acceptance of what is.

Day 6: Integration of all elements.

Day 7: Final sharing.

* The sequence of the elements and activities can suffer changes depending on the group dynamic.

The retreat starts on the 9.05.2020 with an opening ceremony at 17:00. You can already arrive at 15:00 of that day.

The retreat ends on the 16.05.2020 with a common breakfast and final sharing. Departure is around at 10:00.

The retreat takes place at Yogaitalia – Angeli di Montefiore 


There is space for a maximum of 15 people in the retreat.

Kian’s teachings about the 4 elements: 650€ / person

Accommodation in a double room: 550€ / person

Accommodation in a single room: 750€ / person

What is included in the accommodation price:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights.
  • 3 vegetarian meals a day.
  • Yoga mat, block, straps, meditation bolster, and blankets.
  • Swimming pool.
  • 1 room service.
  • 1 night Sauna event for Kian´s birthday celebration.

What is NOT included in the accommodation price:

Synchronize your being with the elements for a more authentic life!


Come and join Kian for a magical week that will transform you in ways you could have never imagine.

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